Its Okay To Ask

Sometimes its hard doing it all yourself.

I am in the midst of shifting homes, moving from one beautiful space into another, working by day and shifting by evening and I must admit its a lot of work dealing with multiple brokers, furniture delivery guys, plumbers, carpenters, the list goes on. I have found myself unable to open my eyes in the morning out of sheer exhaustion to finally tearing through the day on a burst of adrenaline.

I have found myself losing my mind at people I would generally be very polite with and actually checked myself for it a few times.

The problem with us women who have done it all by ourselves for so long is we don’t know the beginning of how to ask for help and how to take the help that comes our way. We feel obliged, duty bound and somehow guilty to take from others. We cringe at the thought of having to feel bound to someone else who has done something for us to help us out.

I have noticed that when you don’t go looking, surprisingly you find. You find help from all corners, you find people who want to do things for you, just because.

It takes an army sometimes and its okay to let go of that power we like to own and share in the company and love of a helping friend. Its okay to ask the universe, the world and the people in it for help just to make our lives a little easier, if only for the day.

In a burst of tears last night, I told a friend on the phone that I didn’t have the energy to pack, move things, finish a pending report and shuttle between the old house and the new one. It felt refreshing to just break down and cry it out and express to someone else, the strains I was feeling.

Help is something we need to ask for. Its nothing to be ashamed of, its a reason why we live in a world full of other people and not alone on individual planets. We co-exist for the very reason that is to give and take.


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