Breaking Up

I definitely believe with all my heart that breaking up with someone you love is the hardest thing anyone will have to do. Or at the very least it features very high in the list of the toughest things to do, at whatever the age, whatever the stage in life you are at. There is something gut wrenching about having to cut ties with someone who meant so much to you at one time and you promised to love forever. So why do it ?

We break up for all kinds of reasons. It could be we wanting different things in life, it could be incompatibility, insecurity, money trouble, the list goes on. But the reasons dont make the process easier.

We break up with friends, relatives, partners, spouses and even jobs more so today than we did in the past. People for some reason worked harder to make it work between extended families, marital partners and social circles. Today, they just dont.

There is something so painful about letting go, but if we stick through those painful moments, those times when it seems like we are making the biggest mistakes of our lives, those gut wrenching moments, the instances of absolute confusion and terror, the feeling of liberation starts to set in.

When a human being lets go of something that does not serve him anymore – a piece of clothing, a home, a car its the most natural thing in the world to do. That object was creating more clutter than it was serving him. Would relationships be any different ? Like inanimate objects, human relationships also have an expiry date. Every single one of them. Some stay very long, some go quickly. But like inanimate objects and things, it is up to recognize what serves us and what only creates clutter in our minds.

We prioritize relationships with others sometimes more than we prioritize the relationships with ourselves. And this is the relationship that without doubt will last the longest. It is up to us to protect our space, our hearts and minds because there is no real proof we have more than one chance to get it right.

When we end relationships, we are not severing how we feel for the people we loved, we simply wish them well and say farewell. We hope they will come back at a time when their presence makes sense again in our lives and if they dont, we part ways with love in our hearts and the warmest wishes of a wonderful future awaiting them. And then we return to protect the person who needs us the most, and will stand by us the longest whom we more often than not seem to forget. Ourselves.

Break ups are the hardest when we look at them as a source of pain, when we look at them as opening paths for new openings and opportunities to experience this wonderful life we probably get only one chance at, it isn’t such a bad thing anymore.



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