Too many likes ?

2016-09-30-1475236577-9265213-socialmediaimageWith the advent of so many different forms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, the list goes on….there are so many different kinds of posts from so many different people. Some posts spread news and information, some spread messages that are so morose, some spread jokes, some post about every day happenings and some post pictures of themselves, what they are wearing and what they are upto at different times of the day.

With the latter two, there is a group of people who have begun vicious attacks about the narcissistic nature of the users who share a lot about their lives, their latest looks detailing how unhealthy the trend of oversharing is. These people are called mentally unstable, attention seekers, narcissists with even quotes from the medical community about this.

I however have a slightly different perspective that I would like to share on the matter. In today’s world, everyone has very little time to stop and appreciate. We spend more time on our phones and tablets than we actually have talking to people. And even when we are talking to people it isn’t without our gadgets getting more of the attention.

Would it be so wrong for people then to turn to these media to ask for approval in a world where approval is so hard to get ? These are ordinary people looking to feel better about themselves (if just for a few minutes) by putting up selfies, dinners with friends and holidays they take.

We live in an age where communities have shrunk, people dont have as many people around as they used to when technology didnt take over the world and most people living in big towns and cities are alone. These include the working professionals with soaring careers and the stay at home parents. Social media has made the world smaller and has brought our friends closer. Suddenly the world doesnt seem like such a lonely place and there are so many people out there to help serial posters feel a lot better about themselves.

The young woman who posts so many photographs of herself and has her regular set of followers who give her that boost of confidence will always work on staying fit and looking her best, the professional who shows off his jet setting life across airports and continents will continue to work hard to keep up a lifestyle that could otherwise be very lonely as he spends  more nights at airports than he does at home.

Instead of standing by the sidelines of our friends lives and cheering them on, we are doing the cheering them on virtually. Would ‘LIKE’ be such a bad thing then ?


























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