Celebrating Our Women

Yesterday was Women’s Day. I saw quite a few posts on Facebook and LinkedIn celebrating women and thanking them for all that they contribute to.

However, somewhere I was caught thinking about the hypocrisy of it all. We live in the year 2017 and ideally women in society don’t need a specific day to be celebrated do they ? I haven’t heard of International Man’s Day. Is there something I am missing ?

Women today still have it a little bit harder than men do. Why ? I was watching the story of American Crime Story : The People Vs. OJ Simpson that is really very addictive. What really gets my attention is other than OJ Simpson himself (played by Cuba Gooding Junior), a character in the film that really stands out is Marcia Clark, the prosecuting lawyer. Why does she stand out among so many other strong characters in this very true and very real story ? Because she is a strong woman with a tough job. She was a lead prosecutor in a trial the whole world watched. She was a lawyer in a lawyer’s world. She was single handedly taking on a team of hot shot lawyers on the defense side who used every single trick in the book to win.

Yet when it came to fighting her, the team of lawyers went beyond just the case. They went beyond the arsenal of the case and into the arena of personal attacks. They went after her for the fact that she was a single mother who could not pull the all nighters men could, they went after her with personal photographs taken on private holidays, they went after her in ways only women can be broken.

This happened in the 1990s. This still seems to happen with women in the 21st century. Women balance homes and children and are still doctors, lawyers, actors, pilots, scientists and so much more. Yet when it comes to hitting them where it hurts the world seems to get personal. Men don’t seem to be attacked on that level, just the women. The women who dare to compete and take on the world have to protect their reputations from slander, work extra hard to prove they can be great parents, put in the same if not more hours than  men in the work place and be the perfect partners. Doesn’t that mean something still isn’t right ?

Just one day to celebrate these awesome people who seem to have to do more just to be enough is hardly satisfactory. If you don’t agree with me, just read up on Marcia Clark.





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