Is The World Fair ?

I have always wondered if the world is a fair place. Does doing right make good things happen and does doing bad make bad things happen ? Do people earn their share of goodwill from the universe just because they have done good in their lives ?

Or does the universe have its preordained, predestined natural order, a cycle of events that happen as they should, every second of every day and you can either benefit from being at the right place at the right time or be collateral damage for being at the wrong place at the wrong time ?

When bad or hurtful things happen I have always told myself that the universe had something even better in store for me to make up for the bad that happened. That it was going to make up double in good to make up for the hurt I faced.

To be honest, the universe had made up many times over. But in order for us to stay healthy sane individuals, we need to accept harsh realities of life as very much a part of it. There is no judicial system in the sky that is running our lives making up every wrong for a right. That is karma’s job that we as living beings will work out over the course of not one but many lives. The world will exist, people will go about their course of survival since that is the primal urge. Our individual best interests are not a given and we are certainly not the center of the living universe.

I am no expert on the subject of our exact place in the universe but I do know it is in our best interests to act like the world isn’t always on our side. That way when it is, we can be pleasantly surprised.


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