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To block or not to block



We live in a world where connections go beyond face to face meetings, conversations in the evenings, phone conversations. Today with social media, we can see someone but not be seen, watch someone live their lives without them knowing about it and know our lives. Real friendships which took time to develop over time has lost its meaning because people are not making time to connect anymore.

While superficial friendships based on social media are one thing, people do not seem to understand that behind the veils of our Facebook walls and Instagram accounts we do not realize there are real people with real feelings out there. We stalk and follow people we normally would not speak to regularly, we check out the pictures of weddings and holidays we haven’t been invited to and we spend hours watching the lives of people we would not ordinarily call close friends. We know more about more people today than ever in history.

What I am coming to primarily is the concept of “unfriending” and “blocking” people which real world you cannot do. It would not even be socially acceptable. Its almost cruel but on social media we seem to do it effortlessly. This is not relevant to the stalkers and the people who we do not know. This is relevant to the people we know socially, probably as good friends whom the minute there is a problem with we block off and make sure they are strangers.

We need to be a little more cautious. A little more aware. There are emotions below the surface and we as human beings have lost the age old art of just communicating. There are far more people willing to avoid having an uncomfortable conversation vs. going off the radar completely and blocking people off. We gave forgotten we are human, situations and circumstances happen and we do not need to cut all ties (social media included) just because we can.

Have we forgotten the days of old when communities of people would gather together and talk about their lives? When there was no electronic communication so all relationships were built entirely on direct face to face interaction ? Let’s be more aware of the fact that with more options to connect we have more options to build relationships and break them. Lets act carefully.


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