Identity crisis

I have begun to realize off late that most people I know, including myself are identifying ourselves with what we do ? Our whole identities are based on our designations and the organizations we work for. Our introductions to people start with what organizations we represent and what teams we lead.

Its been rare if not never that I have met someone who when asked to introduce themselves talk about themselves as people.

As human beings living in urban societies, we forget who we really are and start becoming defined with profiles and roles given to us. We don’t expose ourselves bare. We don’t let down our walls and introduce ourselves as thinkers, dreamers, travelers, introverts and people and pet lovers.

We need to slowly but surely understand as a community that our jobs are a means to an end. The end being rich fulfilling happy lives powered by the money we make and the experiences made available to us. We need to identify as wholesome well rounded individuals who take time for family, volunteer work, personal interests, travel and remember that our designations are transferable.

Too many people today need external recognition from the society we live in to feel complete and successful. When someone is asked to introduce themselves more often than not they mention their names and what they do for a living. Are we not so much more than what we do ? Isn’t what we do only a means to earn a living to live the lives we dream of living ?


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