Learn to Walk Away

This post is specially timed because it is being written on a day that people are celebrating love. This post is to elaborate why sometimes we need to walk away.

We human beings feel the emotion of love very strongly towards other people, towards places, hobbies, pets and even jobs. The reason we feel this love so strong is because the recipient  of that love gives us this undeniable feeling of excitement and completion that we don’t seem to feel we can do without.

The feeling of love is indescribable in the beginning and we use the word freely to describe that thing which gives us so much happiness. But sometimes, that very job, person, place, home can start to feel more of a burden and a place that doesn’t give us the strength we need to be the best version of ourselves.

When this happens, we need to learn the art of walking away. Falling in love with someone or something is as natural as walking away from it when it doesn’t serve our greater good anymore.









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