Notice Periods

As I am on my notice period at my current organization, I cant help but reflect on how I am feeling. The reason this organization is so special to me is because I was a part of it from even before we launched our operations – “startup stage” if you may.

I joined them when we were 200 employees in all at a time when we didn’t even have an office or decent work space but worked out of a business center. We moved work space, even cities as our HQ shifted when we launched and I remember clearly that there was one single driving force that brought me to work every single day. That force was passion. I still remember (I’m ashamed to admit it) that when there was a death of a close friend and I had to leave suddenly, the first thought in my head was that I was going to have to be away for a while. This was not one of my finest moments and one I live to regret.

The energy when we were a start up was contagious. People worked all hours of the day, cigarettes breaks made up for missing lunch hours and there was no concept of vacation, time off, Saturdays or even weekends for that matter. That energy, drive, love and passion has seen me through three years. We moved to better offices, grew more than five times in people strength and saw so many people come in as others left. Now I am one of those people who are leaving the organization and I cant help but feel those pangs of regret or loss.

People say love your job but don’t love your company. How can you not ? Isn’t one the result of another ?

People ask me why I come in to work every day on my notice period when this is supposed to be a time of relaxation. How can I not but give my best until my very last day ?

People ask me why I still work to protect what happens to my team when I am no longer part of the system. How can I not when I was the reason they stayed so long ?

People ask me why I am allowing myself to stress out about work that in thirty days will not be something I am accountable for. How can I not when this will be my legacy after three years ?

As much as we like to be dispassionate about leaving jobs and moving on to new roles and opportunities. It is a big world out there and we owe it to ourselves to move from situations that don’t serve us anymore. But I believe it is okay to feel that pain, mourn the loss of something you loved as much as you would mourn the loss of a friend who moves away. Our jobs are a part of us and they shape who we are as people. It is in many ways an extension of who we are as people. Feel bad, leave on a good note and remember the place fondly. After all, you leave a part of yourself in the work you do and the people you work with when you move on.



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