Beauty With Brains

I was watching the Miss Universe 2016 pageant last evening. I watched 86 of the most beautiful women from around the world walk the stage as FloRida rocked the stage. These women so beautifully choreographed in their movements, graced the stage one after another as the camera zoomed in on each of their faces as they walked in.

Their faces were stunning and I would easily tell you no room in the world at that time housed so much physical beauty at the same time as the Arena in Manila, Philippines. These women were from every participating country in the Miss Universe 2016 pageant and every single one of them had an interesting background or story.

Some of them were microbiologists, spatial designers, engineers and one was a soldier in the US Army. These women, all shortlisted from their countries as representatives flew into Manila for a week of short listing with interviews, psychometric analysis, photo shoots and came together for the final event which would announce the winner of the title.

They paraded in evening gowns, swim suits and national costumes each looking so stunning I felt bad for the judges, since they actually had a really tough job. What I did notice also was the host Steve Harvey, who is known very well for his guffaw at the last pageant in 2015 where he announced the wrong winner for 28 seconds until he corrected himself on stage and announced the real winner. He took the whole thing a bit too far by carrying on about his bad eyesight, his mistake the previous year and how he’s never been able to forget it.

The point I am making here is, there was a room with some of the finest genes on the planet, both with looks and brains. But what is unfortunate is, after a Miss Universe is crowned she does some philanthropy work for her country and organizations associated with the pageant, makes special appearances that are planned for her and at the end of the one year she hands over all ambition to change the world as promised with the crown she hands over to the new winner.

I have seen all contestants talk about world peace, children’s education, human rights and climate as the causes they will support when they  win and some how none of them actually go on to make a real difference in the world. In India, they move into the entertainment business where there is the most limelight and money to be made and instead of standing by any of the commitments they made on the stage, and go on to further a personal agenda.

They could use the doors opened to them to actually wield power in the space of research, politics and framing of policies that can affect the world. Its unfortunate that none of them do.


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