A Helpful Little Tip

So let me share with all of you a very useful tip that takes me no more than two minutes each day, but enriches my next day a lot.

We all go through our lives in a tearing rush. Each day is madness from the time we wake up till the time we hit the bed at night. Its usually a blur.

What I found helped me during an especially low time in my life was, I penned down at the end of each day just three things that I was grateful for in the day. I did it on my phone (on notepad), typed in the date and searched my brain for three things that happened in the day that I was grateful for. That made my day better.

It could have been anything. A recognition from my manager, a text from someone I have been crushing on, a lovely dinner with a friend, a work deal that went well, a nice call from home, anything. What made this amazing was while in the beginning to took me time to find things that made my day special, it suddenly became a lot easier to find these happy moments.

And better still, I was actually recognizing moments in my day that would have been otherwise ordinary as happy ones that I could pen about at the end of the day.

If you try it, keep it to just three. Dont make a list of it. Just the top three things that stood out in your day. It helps when you scroll back on a particularly low day and find stuff to smile about again. And more often than not, your days actually start getting better. I know it worked for me!


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