Be Yourself

So, this post is about how we all should be so proud of who we really are, we have no need to change or edit our personalities to please someone else. Trust me, I speak from experience.

When we are young, we constantly are told to be more beautiful, dress better, eat lesser, talk softer, spend lesser, the list goes on. There is a difference between positive criticism and I repeat “positive” criticism and just plain criticism. How many people do we know who have been encouraged by their societies to be exactly who they are, as long as they are not veering in the direction of being thieves, rapists and drug pushers ?

Have we ever wondered what life would be like if we just let people be ?? Our children who are such beautiful creations of the divine with so much to offer on their own, we mould them into everything we believe is correct and what we believe has been fed to us by the societies we live in ? Isn’t that a big big tragedy ?

We as children are full of uniqueness. We have individual likes and choices that we should have been free to pursue to let us become the people we have always been destined to become. As we grew, we fell into the rat race with teachers teaching 60 students in a class the same thing expecting the same output, the selections for the job market depended on how well you did in that assembly line they called an education and you basically had to perform at work to pay the bills.

Out went creativity, passion, freedom and the ability to just be yourself. Unfortunately this translated too into our interactions with people. We learned to believe the mould works best and its best not to try to deviate too far away from it. So we lost our sense of who we are really.

Its tragic.


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