Women at the workplace have it hard. I’ve seen it first hand and I have seen women I work with go through it.

Organizations today like to call themselves global. They like to believe they have a global outlook to work culture, policy, HR practices and are inclusive. But in my personal experience and opinion, I don’t think India is actually there yet. A man who is aggressive and target driven is a go-getter, a woman who is like that is a b****. And a frustrated one at that. A man who sacrifices his personal life to grow in his career is destined to succeed, a woman who chooses to do that is destined to be alone forever.

I dont speak for all men when I say this but unfortunately, I speak for most. Some men want to see women get ahead, while most are not comfortable with the thought of working with one, let alone reporting into one.

Companies need to change this outlook. The only form of success is an organization should be performance alone. The agility of the person to stretch themselves to accomplish the task at hand whatever it maybe. Companies need not worry about anything else and that should be the message passed on to the system. A woman’s worth is in her mind and in her ability, not in her looks or her marital status.

When we call ourselves inclusive, it doesn’t start with recruiting specially abled people, or people from different cultures and societal classes. It starts with how accepting you are as an organization to see women rise in the ranks, where they take the lead and use the right mix of emotional and mental intelligence to get the job done.

This is inclusive, this is developed and this is the future.


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